still travelling

As we cant get into the train yesterday, night was very nervous. Now we’ve a kind of plan, need to get to Mo I Rana then we have a bicycle tickets to Trondheim. So cross the fingers for us. 200 km for 3 days.

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finish, railway

Got to Fauske, bought tickets to Trondheim, departing in hour upd: not yet

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Still raining

Second day we have a constant rain. Today we’ve cycled for only 50 kms and cross the sea with a ferry again, this time much bigger one. After short rest from rain it started again, we’ve reached mark “50” on odometer and stopped in expansive and ugly camping. Tomorrow we hope to get closer to Fauske for maybe next day to catch the train.  

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time to return

Weather is getting worst and worst so we’ve decided to move to the Fauske and get the train. Sad but true, its about 200 kms for the Fauske.

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Too much water

Morning was beautiful, sunny and warm, we’ve started in a good mood. After couple of hours sky was cloudy but still dry. We even cross the sea via bridge in dry weather, but later… It started just like near Alta, just little raining and more and more to come. In hour or so we was completely wet and after short speak with Russian tourists we’ve got to Cozy Camping and occupied a cabin for 500 nkr 🙁 Good news is […]

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Leaving E6

After thousand of kilometers rode we left E6 to the E10 and head to the Lafoten islands. Stand with tent just near Bogen. Most the gadgets are discharged so no photos for today. Even gas in old balon is near over 😃

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1000 km and two weeks under move

Passed first thousand of kilometers. Also, we are two weeks on the way. Met a guy from Barcelona yesterday, he tells about their fight with Spain for independance, ‘Spain is pain’. Was very curious about our experience of union break 😃 After long and cold day we missed a camping in Setermoen and found nice place on the lakeside just near the city’s border.

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Over the hills

All day fought with hills and wind. Morning was quite wet, after weather changed to windy one   Even clear sky tried to appear. Finally, after 70 kms we’ve found a place on swamp and stops here

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Today was a very long day. I’ve crossed the narrow part of sea by ferry, it takes about 40 mins. Ferries in Norway have a bar onboard with electrical socket, FYI. Before it we’ve meet a guy from Belgium, who walk by foot all the way to here and still heading to Nordcap. He’s 59 and he’s a very positive person as for me.   Later we’ve found a perfect camp place, lots of wood for fire, waterfall with fresh […]

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Camping was so good we started only at midday. Planned 70 km includes VERY good uphill, maybe 400-500 m, not bad. After we stand for night in nice fishermans place near Oksfjord

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