As this year all my chances for long journey was missed, idea of joining UN DP bike marathon Hrodna-Minsk sounds very nice for me. Official goal of marathon was sustainable development ideas and especially mental health, as you can get, very actual thing about cyclists 😉 Anyway, there was not so much such dumb guys, who were ready to skip work and home routine for uncertain journey and before start except of UN guys there was only one participant from […]

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Sar’ja :: 29-30.07.2017

While last big journey we’ve agreed with Sergey to take another one to the very north of Belarus to see on own eyes the masterpiece of Belarus architecture – Church in Sar’ja, originally built as Catholic one and later became Orthodox. Got a company and started. Its 6.00 AM Saturday, raining, gray morning. We’re loading onto Gudogai-direction local train, changing line in Maladzeczna to Polatsk direction. Its still heavy raining all the time we’re transferring to start. Appr. 12:00 AM […]

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