Sar’ja :: 29-30.07.2017

While last big journey we’ve agreed with Sergey to take another one to the very north of Belarus to see on own eyes the masterpiece of Belarus architecture – Church in Sar’ja, originally built as Catholic one and later became Orthodox. Got a company and started.

Its 6.00 AM Saturday, raining, gray morning. We’re loading onto Gudogai-direction local train, changing line in Maladzeczna to Polatsk direction. Its still heavy raining all the time we’re transferring to start. Appr. 12:00 AM we’ve got the bike starting point in Prazorki, its completely wet everywhere but we have no choice.

vinyl plates decoration

Prazorki has a very nice catholic church, but its so difficult to take away camera for photo…

Church in Prazorki

Wet and sad ways brings us to Dzisna. The only one cafe in town works till 14.00 so it was closed when we’ve arrived. All we’ve got was a food shop with a kind of roof. Also, we’ve saw an oldest possible bridge with wooden floor and asphalt over it 🙂

wooden floor with asphalt

5 stars shop 🙂


A bit later we’ve got ferry via Dzvina river. Its free and its crossing river every hour. Its name is Dzisna-2 because of Dzisna-1 was sink some time ago 😉


from other side even town itself looks more impressive

Church in Dzisna

Later it was 35 more kilometers of road to Dryssa (it was renamed to Vierhniadzvinsk by Soviets). Closer to the town long awaited weather change started to appear, raining starts getting less intensive.

There is very nice mural in Dryssa with local see-sights. Also, there is a lots of English-written boards with description of all attractions, nice work, I believe it was some EU grants funded.

nice tutorial :-)

After some shopping we’ve moved further to the Sar’ja but suddenly got border police check point. For some uncertain reasons guys decided to perform 100% passport check and one of us have no documents. As result, he had to go searching camping place for night and the rest of group cycled to Sar’ja and made some photos 🙂


Camping place was amazing. On the Sar’janka and Dzvina rivers crossing there is a high riverside with very nice meadow. Because of awful weather it was a kind of challenge to get in but it was worth to.

sunsetcamp at morning

We’ve divided once again at the morning, ones who have a passports moved to railway station Bigosava and after to village Rositsa with a very nice church in and our passportless friend got to cross his way to the closest station to join us again later.

Rositsaabandoned palace near Bigosavarailway station Bigosava

Finally, it was appr. 150 kms of cycling for two days, lots of photos and impressions

1. Day 1
2. Day 2

All photos flickr

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