Since there was no ability for me to make a big travel, it was decided to make small trip to Palessie. Originally we’ve planned to make a trip Kalinkaviczy-Stolin. discussion, on Belarussian and Russian


Because of some logistics issues we’ve transferred to starting point for 10 hours. In appr 15:00 we’ve start cycling, it was lightly raining there


Rain starts getting heavier and we continue moving to Yuroviczy.

Дарога на Юравічы

It was a bit impressive to see this hill after absolutely plain terrain.

горкапогляд з горкі

Rests of archeological site is uncertain goal for visiting, rebuilding of old Jesuits monastery is more interesting as for me

былы калегіюм езуітаў у Юравічах

After we’ve returned to Mazyr.

Прыпяць каля МазыруКасьцёл Сьвятога Міхала АрханёлаСабор Сьвятога Міхала Арханёлапіўны завод

Old castle’s place is now mindlessly decorated and paid for visiting so crap it.

суворае зачыненае замчышча

After we’ve got camping place in forest.

дзікая начоўка блізу Бокава

Next day we’ve originally planned long way to Gluszkaviczy but lots of serious issues arise so planes was changed and we’ve pointed our bicycles to Turau-Zhytaviczy to get the train back home.

Лельчыцкая Рада

There still raining and winding all the time but we’ve got some suitable moments for taking photos

Заезд у нацыянальны парк ПрыпяцкіТраса Лельчыцы-Жыткавічытыповая палеская рэчка

We’ve arrived to Turau almost at night so it was very quick look to old castle’s place. Quite humble sized as for me.

замчышча Турава

After quick shopping we’ve moved to camp on Prypyat, the very Belarusian river indeed.

начлег на Прыпяцімост на Жыткавічывід на начлег зверху

Next day was resting one, 20 km to Zhytkaviczy, and after trains, trains, trains.

Results – 250 kms of cycling, 20 BRub for transfer, even less for food. Not bad.



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